Discover Luxury Apartment Living In The Windy City

In this series we reveal what it’s like to live in many of Chicago’s top apartment buildings, so you can make the most educated decisions on where to live. Every month we show you something new.


I'll Find Apartment Deals For You

Tell me what's most important in your new home. I will curate a custom collection of apartment options that checks all your boxes. Then I will arrange for us to see all of your favorites in one day.

Stephanie Spenner is licensed real estate broker at Compass Real Estate. IDFPR #882240


Who Is LiveChi For?


LiveChi TV is for anyone who is moving to downtown Chicago and needs to learn about the various neighborhoods and the top rental properties.

We make it easy for you to discover what it’s like to live in these high-rise communities and benefit from everything the area has to offer.

We want our city to become your city. Check out new hidden gems every month!

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